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1971 - 2021

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Call 704-482-2491 and order your fleet today!

Whether you want one vehicle or a fleet of 50, we can take care of your vehicle needs while saving you time and money!

Shop all makes and models.  Custom and upfit your vehicle to suit your needs. 

Off-Lease Vehicles for Sale or Lease


Leasing saves you time and thousands of dollars!

When you purchase, you are required to pay 100% of the cost of the vehicle, and you usually have to make a significant cash down payment.  The burden of price negotiation, purchasing, and used car disposal are your responsibility.  To get your money's worth, you generally must drive the car for a longer time, meaning higher mileage and lower resale value.  Ownership makes it economically more difficult to enjoy the latest technological advances and the newest styling innovations.

Benefits of Leasing!

  • We order large number of vehicles and pass the savings on to you.

  • We assist with all major manufacturers' national fleet account enrollment so you can take advantage of their fleet incentives.

  • Fuel Cards - Card that will track mileage, fuel purchases, and maintenance schedules. Also protects against fraudulent charges.

  • Vehicle Acquisition— Let us show you how we can save you thousands on acquisitions of the perfect vehicles for your business.

  • Disposal—we can recondition and sell your retired fleet vehicles.(Retail and wholesale channels available).

  • Accident Management—we handle repairs, rentals, and diminished value claims with insurance companies.

  • Property Tax Management.

  • Additional services available as needs arise or upon request. 


More benefits from leasing include.....

  • Flexiblity - Leasing enables you to free your capital for alternative investments and business costs.

  • Off-Balance Sheet Accounting - A properly structured lease can have a positive impact on your income statement.

  • Fixed monthly payments.

  • Experienced - Our leasing executives understand your leasing needs.

  • Full Warranty Protection

  • Convenience - Front door delivery.  Assist in the sale of off-lease vehicles.

  • Tax Advantages.

leasing services history

Founded by Jim Rose, Sr. in 1971 in Charlotte, NC as an independent vehicle lessor, Leasing Services, Inc. provided vehicles and equipment leasing to thousands of companies, municipalities, universities, and individuals across the United States. 

 In 2000, Leasing Services II, Inc. was established and continues the tradition of providing the best solutions to our clients' needs.  We take pride in offering fast, reliable service to assist our clients with all phases of acquisition, maintenance, repairs, and disposal of their vehicles and equipment. 



4500 East Dixon Blvd., Shelby, NC  28152



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