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Why Lease?

And Why Lease from Leasing Services II, Inc.

When you purchase, you are required to pay 100% of the cost of the vehicle, and you usually have to make a significant cash down payment.  The burden of price negotiation, purchasing, and used car disposal are your responsibility.  To get your money's worth, you generally must drive the car for a longer time, meaning higher mileage and lower resale value.  Ownership makes it economically more difficult to enjoy the latest technological advances and the newest styling innovations. Leasing Services can solve this problem for your business.


Leasing places the burden of ownership and disposal with Leasing Services.  One hundred per cent (100%) financing is available, and payments can easily be structured to meet most budgets.  Because Leasing Services requires less cash up front, more of your capital is free for other opportunities.  You pay only for the portion of the vehicle that you use during lease term. 


Leasing offers a way for business professionals to charge off a large portion as a demonstrable non-personal expense or business cost.  For companies, leasing conserves working capital and improves cash flow; it provides a means of simplified record keeping for tax purposes, budgeting, and cost control.  Your company's credit lines remain intact and available.  Leasing expenses are deducted from gross income before taxes, offering a faster write-off when compared to a purchase.  Also, a fleet of shiny new vehicles from Leasing Services is a great way to enhance your company's image!

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