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Benefits of Leasing from Leasing Services

Our Services Save You Time and Money!

  • We order large number of vehicles and pass the savings on to you.

  • We assist with all major manufacturers' national fleet account enrollment so you can take advantage of their fleet incentives.

  • Fuel Cards - Card that will track mileage, fuel purchases, and maintenance schedules. Also protects against fraudulent charges.

  • Vehicle Acquisition— Let us show you how we can save you thousands on acquisitions of the perfect vehicles for your business.

  • Disposal—we can recondition and sell your retired fleet vehicles.(Retail and wholesale channels available).

  • Accident Management—we handle repairs, rentals, and diminished value claims with insurance companies.

  • Property Tax Management.

  • Additional services available as needs arise or upon request. 


More benefits from leasing include.....

  • Flexiblity - Leasing enables you to free your capital for alternative investments and business costs.

  • Off-Balance Sheet Accounting - A properly structured lease can have a positive impact on your income statement.

  • Fixed monthly payments.

  • Experienced - Our leasing executives understand your leasing needs.

  • Full Warranty Protection

  • Convenience - Front door delivery.  Assist in the sale of off-lease vehicles.

  • Tax Advantages.

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